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Birthdate:Jul 6
Website:Existential Clutter
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VLeigh Lower Head

--I seek geographic solutions for deep-rooted emotional problems.
--You think you can move and leave your problems behind?
--Isn't that how the West was won?

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academia/fandom are my otp, agouza, alice cullen ftw!, altered books, american civil war, anne boleyn is f-i-e-r-c-e!, arabic puns, art, barry privett, bbc, beaky baby wizards, big love, black humor, blackadder, bookbinding, books, bowl night, brideshead revisited, bright young things, c.s. lewis, cairo, calvin and hobbes, carbon leaf, charcoally fingerprints, cheese, chocolate, chris-thile-in-all-of-his-manifestations, christianity, cold mountain, colin-morgan's-cheekbones-will-cut-you, colonial america, colonial reenactment, crack!comment threads, creating my own metanarrative, deconstruction, extras, ezra pound cake, fake america, fanfiction, faux techno, feminism, finding new soapboxes, flashmobs, folk music, fourth of july, gloriously windy days, gone with the wind, gouache, green living through cobbing, hand!porn, harry potter, haters to the left, headington hill, hermione granger, holy inferiority complex batman!, horatio hornblower, identifying with color, ioan gruffudd, italo calvino, j.k. rowling's lost generation, j.r.r. tolkein, jeeves and wooster, jerry-rigging, jerusalem, joanna newsom, john calvin, julian of norwich, kate-and-garrett-are-electric-revolutionary-love, knäckebröd, latin, laughter, lillian russell, literature, lord of the rings, meanwhile-neville-is-kicking-ass-and-taking-names, merlin, modernist-poet-themed baked goods, modified munsell color wheel, monty python, nanowrimo, nathan hale, nickel creek, npr, oh hale yes!, old time radio, othering, oxford, paintings-you-can-sink-your-teeth-into, palestine, pangrams, period films, philip larkin, post-modernism, pretending to speak swedish, procrastination, profound-private-jokes-at-inappropriate-moments, punch brothers, put-a-little-south-in-your-mouth, quotation packrating, rain, reading poetry aloud, reenactment, reppin' the 703, robin hood, roughening up language, rubber cement, running, scrubs, severus snape, she-needs-love-not-a-penis-in-her-behind!, slow-moving circles, soda kilns, spks, tall-glasses-of-golden-ginger-ale, tea, terry clark, tess of the d'urbervilles, the beatles, the chronicles of narnia, the colbert report, the decemberists, the history boys, the office (uk), the revolutionary war, the tudors, the-dazzle-exchange-in-stereo, thomas-wyatt-needs-some-ice-up-in-his-grill, through-the-looking-glass pwns alice-in-wonderland, traveling-the-world-with-my-towel, tulip calvinism, turning over new leaves, twilight, vaguely elitist modern poetry, vegetarianism, virginia, virginia woolf, vivien leigh, volleyball, washington dc, william & mary, writing myself cryptic messages, yellow-skied thunderstorms, yoga, القُدس
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